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The JV6 Miata Kit
Cost Effective kit for all Mazda Miatas 1990-2005
We believe that the Miatas were always great handling sports cars that lacked horsepower. This kit allows the DIY Miata enthusiast to install the powerful Honda JV6 engine into your Miata with the least amount of effort possible converting your mild Miata into a Beast without breaking the bank! Honda J Series V6 VTEC engines are readily available and offer up to 305hp with 275 ft/lbs of torque naturally aspirated creating the perfect platform for your Miata. This conversion utilizes the stock Miata manual transmission and rear differential. 

Our JV6 Miata Kit provides the builder with all of the basic necessary components and hardware to do this swap along with full support from all of our team members. We also offer in house conversions for those that don’t have the time or resources to DIY.

Our JV6 Miata Kit includes all of the following to make your swap as easy as possible:
*Front Subframe to adapt Honda J engine into Miata (retains Miata front anti-sway bar)
*Transmission Adaptor from Honda J to Miata tranny
*Custom Aluminum Oil Pan
*Poly engine mounts
*Flywheel Adaptor
*Oil pickup and Thermostat Housing

Required Extras:
*Honda J Series engine complete (we can help you source these)

Engines that will work with this kit are J32A2 01-03 ACURA CL TYPE S or
J35A4 02-04 HONDA ODYSSEY. Other engines may work, but have not yet been 100% verified.
*Honda J engine wiring harness spefically for the engines listed above
(should be included with your engine)
*Aftermarket programmable ecu such as AEM Series 2 Plug & Play Engine Management System.
Note: A stock ECU from the engines listed above will work with this setup, but
will have performance limitations.
*An intake modification is require to gain hood clearance. Instructions and pictures are
 supplied with Kit.
Shipping information: You will be invoiced seperately for the shipping charges once calculated. Please provide all shipping information at checkout along with your contact phone number. For shipping quotes, email .
Kits generally ship within 1 week of ordering.


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