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What parts are involved in this conversion? Our JV6 Kit includes all of the major custom components that you will require (even the hard to find hardware) less the engine, wiring harness, computer, and cooling duct work (which we will offer soon).

What year Miatas will work with this conversion? All NA and NB Miatas from 1990 to 2005 can be used.

What makes the JV6 Kit 'Cost Effective'? The reason we claim that this conversion is cost effective is because of how few of components it takes to do this conversion. On top of the JV6 Kit, all you will need is the Honda J engine (which is inexpensive) and a computer.

Can I use the stock Honda computer? You can use the stock Honda computer to run the car only. It will default into 'limp mode' which disables VTEC and restricts full RPM range, but is certainly drivable. We do offer a modified factory harness and ecu that will run your car without errors.

What transmission is to be used? Our demo JV6 Miata is using the factory 1990 Miata manual transmission that was originally in the car with 212,000 miles. Any of the Miata manual transmissions will work with this conversion 1990-2005. We recommend a good condition manual transmission.

What rear end is to be used? Our demo JV6 Miata is using the factory 1990 Miata rear differential with over 212,000 miles. The perferred rear diff is the 7" from 1994+ models.

Do I need a new radiator? No, the Honda J engines run cool as a pickle even using the factory Miata radiator (around 180-190 degrees).

Is there any cutting required for this conversion? There is no cutting required on the body. You will be required to cut a small slot on the Miata transmission for the starter (template included with kit), and the intake manifold will need to be cut and modified. This is a service that we offer if needed.

What engines can be used? Any 1999-2005 Honda J engine will mate to our JV6 plate. The wiring harness and sensors that will work must be used from the following vehicles: 1999-2002 Honda Accord V6 J30A1, 1999 Acura Cl 3.0L J30A, 2001-2003 Acura CL 3.2L J32A1 (automatic harness only), 1999-2003 Acura TL 3.2L J32A1, 2002-2003 Acura CL/TL 3.2L Type S J32A2 (automatic harness only), and 2002-2004 Honda Odyssey 3.5L J35A4.

Can I still have A/C? Yes. You will need the Honda A/C compressor, but this will adapt to the Miata system easily.

Can I still have Power steering? Yes, you will be able to easily adapt the Honda PS pump.

How much is the weight difference in this conversion than a stock Miata? After converting our 1999 Miata to Honda V6 power using our JV6 Kit, the total car weight gain was less than 9 pounds.

Is this car going to 'rock my world'? Probably. Everyone that has test driven our demo JV6 Miata Love's It!


*The JV6 conversion may not meet all of the emission standards in your region. Please check with the local DMV in your area for any list of regulations of your make/model/year vehicle prior to doing this conversion.


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